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Want to help tell other people about 412teens.org? Awesome! Thank you! Here's how you can do it:

Share Links

Whenever you see a blog post, article, or whatever that you think other people need to see, share the link on your social media accounts. That's the quickest, easiest way to tell others about 412teens, and it helps us reach even more teens around the world.

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Hand Out Cards

We have promo cards that we would love to send to you if you're willing to hand them out at your church/youth group, local coffee shop, Taco Bell, skate park, or whatever! There are two sizes, and we are happy to send them to you totally free of charge. Aren't we nice? ;-)

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The only catch is that you DO have to hand them out or put them in a place where they will get picked up! Contact us to make a request.

(NOTE: We CAN send overseas, but please only request 50 or fewer because, you know, shipping costs are killer. Thanks!)

If you want to print your own, that would help us out a lot too! You can download the high-res versions here: Small Card | Big Card - Those are high enough quality that you can actually submit the files to make your own at your local print shop.

Get 412teens Swag

If you like t-shirts, stickers, and stuff like that, we have things you can order at the 412teens RedBubble store. All proceeds (20% of total sales) go directly to Got Questions Ministries and the development of our online ministries, which includes this site. So you get epic swag, and we get to keep doing what we're doing—win-win!

Make a Donation

If you would like to support 412teens.org financially, we're totally cool with that and would be most grateful. ;-) You can make a secure donation to Got Questions Ministries RIGHT HERE. Thanks for your support!

Got Ideas?

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can spread the word about 412teens, please contact us. We would seriously love to hear your ideas!

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