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True Happiness

Look back on the last time you were truly, unashamedly happy and fulfilled with no regrets and had a full heart. Okay. Hold onto that.

Now ask yourself this: Why were you at that place? Did you get some really, really cool electronic? Or clothes you wanted? Or did you just get your way? Yes?

Then scrap that thought and look deeper.

The funny thing about being happy, truly joyful, and having our hearts in the best place possible is that it is not often comfortable and never about US. It's always about others.

That moment on that mission trip when you held that kid right before leaving, and they held on for a long time and didn't want you to leave? Yeah, that wasn't about you, but it made your heart super happy didn't it?

What about that time you gave someone something that they really needed/wanted, and you saw the look of joy on their face that filled your heart with amazing warm fuzzies? Yeah, that wasn't about you either.

I have been finding that the more energy I put into making others happy, the more I am truly happy. The more I endeavor to help others, the better I feel inside.

That's not to say that it's necessarily wrong to care about yourself or do things for yourself. But to an extent. When all we care about is ourselves, we will never truly be happy. Though if we care only about others, it's hard to be happy in that place too. Jesus Himself said, "If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all" (Mark 9:35).

Sure, there's a balance to find, but I fear that most people have an issue with finding it. Don't worry. Sometimes I do too. Here's to finding that balance,eh? Cheers.


By: Lucy

Lucy is a bundle of awkward, rock n' roll, and dreams—with a heart recklessly in love with her Savior.

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