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I Dare You to Pray

The Bible I use most frequently is one I received from my church the year of my 8th grade graduation. It's really awesome, to be quite frank. In the back, it has this little prayer journal-type thing. What you do is write down your prayer request and the date. Below that, there's a sort for God's Response and the date.

Back in 2012, I felt that God was leading me to go to an event where you learn how to be a disciple who makes disciples. They called it "a Navy Seal boot camp for your soul*." In this prayer journal, when I first started praying about this, I had written, asking God that if it was His will, could I go to the event? Then I forgot all about it.

About two years later, there I was among many students and youth leaders/chaperones heading up into the Rocky Mountains. At the end of the week, we had a time to pray about what we'd learned and how to bring it back to our youth group and communities. I can clearly remember where I was sitting: on my hoodie on the ground by this little river. It was simply breathtaking. I opened my Bible and was reading some passages that they had given us, and I put it down to look at the handbook-type thing for the next verse, and to answer a question.

When I looked back, the pages in my Bible had turned to the prayer journal. I read the entry about going to the event and realized that God had answered my prayers! He had given me a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Him and to learn how to spread His love. I had totally forgotten about the prayer journal at the time, but God didn't forget my prayer!

Matthew 21:22 (NIV) says, "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." As Christians, we need to be constantly praying. Praying is simply a way of talking to God. And talking to God has never hurt anyone, right? God never forgets what we ask of Him.

You can keep a prayer journal in a notebook or just pray silently in your heart and mind. It could be about anything—from a health issue to a math test to choosing a college to not tripping in the hallway!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NIV) says, “Pray continually.” Prayer has made such an amazing impact on my life, probably more than I know. And I am absolutely positive that if you have prayed, God has impacted your life as well, though it may be in ways you don't even realize.

So this is me, daring you. I dare you to pray continually. I dare you to pray about things, even if they seem so incredibly trivial that you don't dare say them out loud. God will be listening, and He will answer you.


* Sadly, they even made us do pushups!

By: Meagan

Meagan is a thriving 16-year old who spends most of her free time doing homework, baking, rehearsing for Choir, hanging out with friends, or on Tumblr. She's also working on a novel and an original music album. She's excited to use the love God's placed in her heart to spread His amazing grace to everyone she meets.

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