Yearbook Surprise

At the end of the school year, I was having people sign my yearbook and asked my English teacher to sign it too. After he finished, I took my book and ran to the bus. I don't normally look at what people have written in my yearbook right after they have written it, but this time I was real curious.

I opened it up and read. The words my English teacher wrote really caught me off guard: "I've been challenged by your very real walk with Jesus and the way He drives you to love people. You and God's presence in you make a difference here. I am honored to know you!"

I had prayed a week earlier (before the yearbook signing) that others could see Christ in me. In my teacher's response, I got my answer.


What prayers has God answered for YOU
at the end of this school year?

Writer: Emily

Emily is a teen who enjoys being different than everyone around her. She plays cello, piano, and is currently learning guitar. In her free time, makes things with duct tape. She recently went to Mexico on a missions trip. She has learned and grown through God with these trips. She enjoys going to church every Sunday to worship God with her friends.

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