Judging People Like Books

We all know that many people will first judge a book by its cover alone. But some others actually read the inside pages of a book to find out what it's about. You can get such a better idea of the contents of the story by looking at the pages.

Our lives are like books, and who we really are can only be found in the pages of that book.

Unfortunately, just like with books, we often judge people by their outer cover before we get to know the inside. Some people will never take the time to read those pages and take a look into the chapters of a life—the experiences, the pains...

I wonder what someone would find on the pages of my book? What are some things that I don't want to be there? Those times that I fell and gave up. The mistakes I've made. The hurts I've had. The choices I've made. The obstacles I never overcame. But I can't rip out those pages, can I?

But there were also times that I never gave up. Times I overcame the obstacles. And although I still suffer from wounds, physical and spiritual, I only feel them when I actually think about them. Sure, there were the embarrassing moments that I wish I could do over, but life doesn't come with a reset button.

So I guess the whole point that I am trying to get here is that I don't really care what the cover of my book looks like. I just want people to see the pages of my life that have been written and accept me as I am. And isn't that really what everybody wants?


Writer: Sparky

Sparky is a 16-year-old attending a private high school. A childhood injury limits his abilities, but God has used it to focus him onto His will. Sparky is a writer/poet with a novel in process. He's also a technology expert and loves to get into God's Word. Through many pains, addictions, and depression, God has saved him. He's thankful to be His servant forever.

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