Doubt vs. Unbelief

Doubt is different than unbelief. Doubt is when do you believe something, but you wonder if it is real. Unbelief is a pure, obstinate will to not believe. It's normal for a Christian to have doubts occasionally.

Sometimes I have doubts like "Is God even real?" and "Am I really saved?" Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

Satan wants us to believe that just because we have these questions that means that we don't believe at all. He tells us that we must not even be real Christians in the first place.

But when we buy into Satan's lies, we get into a hurricane; the truth is blurred. If you're truly seeking God's face and His will for your life, have faith that He will calm the storm when the time is right. Satan just wants to throw you off course, but God wants to bring you to Him.

Faith is not the absence of doubt, but rather it is still believing in the midst of your doubt.

So next time you doubt something, pray that God will show you His truth, and ask Him to set you on the right path. Take joy in your trials because it produces perseverance (James 1:2-3). Your faith will be made stronger when it is all over. You are an overcomer through Jesus Christ!


Writer: Cameron

Cameron loves God, his family, and music. He lives in Kentucky and enjoys Show Choir, band, and playing the piano.

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