412teens is on Instagram!

Just a quick post here to let you know that 412teens is now on Instagram! That's right! Yeah, bet you didn't know it existed, did you? XD It was a kind of a secret until tonight.

If you have an Instagram account, a FOLLOW would make us very, very happy. And we are 99% positive that we will follow you back. If we don't, no hard feelings. We probably just missed you, and you can message us or just comment to get a follow back. ;-)

Here's our Instagram addy: instagram.com/412teens - There's also a handy dandy little link up at the top of the site there. See the Instagram logo? That's it.

Anyway, our Instagram account is a great place to interact with us and answer the questions we post. All of the biblical answers can be found right here on the 412teens site if you just do a search.

That's it for now, friends! Thanks for listening (or reading rather...and following)!


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