Sharing Your Faith: Crazy, Overwhelming & Worth It

Sharing about God with our friends can be crazy overwhelming. Everybody has their own story and background, so it's hard to know what angle we should take. And then, since the internet allows us to make friends from all different countries and cultures, evangelism can seem even more complicated and big than it already is.

But one of the most amazing things about the gospel is that it is, at its core, so simple. It's why John 3:16 is the first verse many people memorize: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Anyone, from any culture, can understand the gospel. Remember, our culture today is incredibly different from the culture of Jesus' day. Likewise, German, Indian, Korean, Chinese, or any other kind of culture is different from European or North American culture, but all of those cultures are still different from the original readers of the New Testament. And a hundred years from now, all our cultures will probably be even more different in different ways, yet the gospel message will remain the same:

God sent His Son to die for our sins, and through His sacrifice, we can receive the free gift of salvation.

No matter how you do it, it counts.

Even when you feel like you are stumbling across your words and there is no way the person who you were trying to share God's truths with could understand you, God can use that. You don't know how you could be affecting that person. And His word never hits a void, even if you never see anything come from it (Isaiah 55:11).

Remember, you're not in this challenge alone! The Holy Spirit is there to guide you and your words, and to open the heart of your friend—despite any language barriers or cultural differences.

It's simpler than you think.

You may be thinking, "Uh huh, I know this. The gospel is simple, trust in the Holy Spirit, know that I can't read my friend's mind, but where's the real advice in this?"

Here is the best advice I have for you: ask questions.

It is actually much more difficult to sit down and "info dump" everything you know about God or beat your friend over the head with your Bible knowledge. Instead, ask your friend what she knows about Jesus. Who does she think He is? Does she think the Bible is inerrant? What does she know about the resurrection? This opens a conversation that you can use to learn more about what your friend believes, and that's going to make it easier for her to ask you questions in return.

Don't be afraid of her asking you a question you don't know the answer to. If she does, just tell her you don't know the answer, but you will find out and get back to her. (And then follow through with that promise!)

—Heidi Joelle

Writer: Heidi Joelle

Heidi Joelle spends her days staring at paperwork and making sure it is where it is supposed to be, how it is supposed to be, when it is supposed to be. And then she comes home and makes sure the porky little dog isn't eating a trashcan. Between these two events, she tries to learn and see as much of the world around her as possible. 

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