Adriana's Story

I thank God for your lives and want to give a little testimony which I pray will bless someone while they are reading it. I will not try and write my entire life story, but basically I moved over from Romania to the United Kingdom and that is when I got saved. Here are some of my stories to give God thanks, as He asks of us.

First of all, I want to thank Him for my salvation. The way He planned it, it was truly wonderful. I was facing huge difficulties at my first school. It really wasn't a very good school, but PRAISE GOD, He had a plan. When my mother took me first to the church in the UK, a woman offered to pay for me to continue my studies of the piano and the viola. God arranged it so wonderfully. He then moved me to a specialist Music School, and it is while I was still there that I gave my life to Christ.

One of my biggest wishes from God was to move me to another church. It really was not for me. I remember crying to God after just sitting down in my seat and saying to God that He is the only one I came from. Everyone else just kept asking me if I am new, as though I was invisible. I knew God had to have something better in mind for me.

One day I went by "chance" to a church which was nearer as I was going to be late for my usual church service. God truly places people in our lives, so do not give up on Him—EVER! He placed the right godly people our lives; people we can look up to. This new church is where I met Unique, one of the godliest women I have met in my entire life.

Unique saw me and stood right beside me at that new church, although there were plenty of other seats around. On so many occasions, the Holy Spirit tried to push me to give my life to Christ, and I just could not do it. I wanted so badly but could not bring myself to go up in front of so many people. You see, at the end of services at my old church, when they would ask if there is anyone who does not know Christ but wants to, people were expected to come to the front. And I would just start crying for no reason. I even remember a force pulling my hand up. (The Holy Spirit of course!) But I couldn't do it.

At the end of that first service at the new church, Unique asked me if I wanted to give my life to Christ. I said, "Yes." The pastor came over, and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was so full of joy, I could not describe it. I thank God for placing Unique into my life and giving me wise, godly people whose examples I can follow. The church was also a truly grown church in spirit, not just full of ungodly people who gather up for a session of weekly news of the newest marriage and so on. Truly, I thank God for my new church.

A few months later...

I could feel the Holy Spirit working through me and reflecting on the outside. However, things were really not going well at school. I really needed to move. I prayed and prayed and cried every night to God, asking Him, "Why have You abandoned me now? When I most need You?" Little did I know, He was holding something even greater in store for me.

At the same time, it felt like the pastor was preaching every sermon as though he was speaking just to me. I finally applied for three other schools, even though I got warned that I would end up in a college somewhere, casted aside by my head teacher. That was the human law, but not God's Law. Amen. Nothing can stand against His Law. When He decides it is time to move, there is no one and nothing that can stop Him.

I got 100% scholarship for a private school when the maximum was 50%. Not only this, but I needed five straight A's in my exams, and God helped me earn all A's in my exams. Truly, this was miraculous, and let me tell you why.

On the day of my music exam, I needed to help my mother hand in her final dissertation to the university. Unfortunately, this came at the same time of my own exam. Yet God knew that I would be obeying my mother even if it meant missing the music exam.

When I finally arrived at my exam, class was halfway over. I had to guess the entire first half of the paper. Glory be to God—almost every single question I guessed right. Not only this, but it was the first time ever they had allowed someone to go into the exam after it had started already. All the time I was running from the bus station to the school and praising Him.

God can do anything.

We do not go by what the human law says about us, for we do not love the world although we are in the world. We go by what God tells us. The blood of Jesus gives us power to go before Him boldly and do His will, and it diminishes the Devil's power.

Peace and joy be with each one of you. Amen.

—Adriana - age 17, college student

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