Alsie's Story

I grew up in a Christian family, so I always knew from the start that God was there. I went to a public primary school and had a few friends, but I soon got really shy for some reason. I was always afraid that people wouldn't accept me for who I am. I was really sensitive to anything negative anyone said to me. I always felt quite lonely and used to wander around during lunch, making up stories in my head till break was over. Have you ever done that?

I always felt that I needed God in my life. When I was nine, I tried to become a Christian by reading one of those prayers, but nothing changed in my life.

When I was ten years old, my parents decided to put me in a Christian school for my last year of primary and onwards. Now I'm in high school. We have a Bible teacher who has really encouraged and inspired me to go after God more. I started to read my Bible more often, and one day, God dropped a question into my head: "Are you really a follower of Christ?"

I pondered over this for ages and realised that, all along, I'd thought I was a Christian, but I never actually followed God's ways or developed a relationship with Him. Anybody can say they are a Christian, but if it doesn't show in their life, then they may not actually be Christians. During a school camp, in the middle of worship, I honestly and truly gave my life to God.

God really started to change my life after that. I began to grow into a better person, and my relationship with God was increasing. But I still didn't know who I really was. I prayed and prayed for God to tell me. It took a while, but God always has the right timing for everything.

One night when I was spending time with Him, God told me my purpose in life and who I was. He said I was going to help and care for others around the world and lead them to Him—like a missionary. I wasn't really sure about that idea, but last February, at the NEXT school camp, God made it pretty clear that He was right.

The teacher got us to go outside, read our Bibles, and just chill with God. I decided to just open up to a random page, and picked some verses off the page: Luke 5:27-32. I felt like it was a conformation of what He said before.

I had my journal with me. Words started to spill onto the page, coming basically out of nowhere, though I realise that they were from God Himself.

We went back inside for worship, and God started revealing more to me. I was sobbing so hard in the middle of it all. Everything seemed so overwhelming. Why would He chose me for this? But my confidence has really started to grow ever since that night, and I am sure of what God wants for my life.

—Alsie, age 14

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