B's Story

For a while, I have been so scared of so many things. I was praying and praying that God would give me courage. A few days before summer camp, I was reading my teen study Bible, and the devotional part said to think of the person that I least thought would become a Christian. It turned out to be my friend T, who would be coming to camp with me.

On August 1, at 5 in the morning, my friends and I headed out on a 10-hour drive to a camp in the mountains. This camp has North America's second largest zip line, but I am afraid of heights and did not plan on doing it. But T was very encouraging and taught me a little bit of courage. I still couldn't do it though!

Later on, he was also very encouraging with me talking to a girl at camp. But I had to think about that one for a bit.

T also encouraged me to go on something called the Tower of Terror, which is the most terrifying thing ever. It's like a giant phone pole that you have to jump off of and grab a bar. But I finally found my courage!

The next day, I had gained so much courage that I got up at 6:00 AM, got a clean shave and a shower and I scrubbed my teeth until my gums bled. I went outside and picked some beautiful flowers. At breakfast, in front of 300 people, I walked over to the girl, got on one knee, and asked her to go to the formal camp dinner with me. She was so happy and said awwwe and said she might cry. Somebody had already asked her, but she wanted to take a picture with me anyway.

Later on that night, a bunch of people went on a walk to talk about Jesus, and my friend T came with us. I still had my courage, and after we talked, T decided to give his life to Jesus. I was so overjoyed, I nearly cried.

So God used T to teach me courage, then He used me to teach T about Jesus.

—B., age 15

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