Christi's Story

Hi, I'm Christi, a teenage girl, and I'm on a journey with Jesus. I grew up in a Christian family and decided to invite Jesus into my heart when I was like four or five. And I've basically been a Christian ever since! Nothing big's happened, no massive miracles, no great deliverance. So you might be wondering why I'm even sharing my story when I don't really have much of a story to tell.

Well, I'm writing to tell you that walking with Jesus is a journey. For everyone. Some people might have really big ups and downs, some might not, and those who haven't got amazing stories of how God turned their lives around might feel like they're unimportant or that they aren't as good a Christian. But I believe God cares about everyone, and even though I've had a pretty plain, boringly good(ish) history with God doesn't mean my journey's any less significant than Peter, one of Jesus' twelve disciples who was (probably) martyed for what he believed.

So all of you Christians out there who are like me—plain, boring Christians with unexciting testimonies (sorry that was a churchy word!)—be inspired! As long as you keep on walking with Jesus you will get closer to Him, and that's all that counts. And that's over and out from a teenage girl who's on a journey with Jesus.

—Christi - age 15

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