Lin's Story

My name is Lin. I am from Myanmar but I live in Singapore. I am a Buddhist, trying to convert to Christianity. It all started when it was around Vesak Day 2015. I was watching a video about a Buddhist Monk from Myanmar who died and saw Buddha in hell. The video offended me and it makes me confused about what was going on.

I decided to research about Christianity, God, Jesus, Bible and its prophecies for the end times and it turned out to be true! I decided to follow Jesus.

Few months later, when my 10 year-old younger sister saw what I was doing, I was watching videos about Christianity and the End-Times. She told my mother about what I was doing, and she became angry at me. My parents told me that Buddhism is the only true, right, and peaceful religion. But in Myanmar, why are there Buddhist Monks who are persecuting Muslims and even Christians? My father told me not to bring a foreign religion into the house or I will be in trouble.

I tried to ask my mother does she believe in God, she replied me with a no because she said there is no God and Buddha is God. It made me very sad. Please help and pray for me and my family so that they will believe in Jesus so that they will be saved and can stand up for the End-Times. Please help me!

—Lin - age 12, 7th grade

Please for Lin's family!

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