Tapan's Story

Hey, I'm Tapan from a small village of India. Like other children who live a poor-life in villages, I too didn't know Jesus. I even didn't know about Christianity. I often used to serve other gods.

When I was studying in class 10, I suffered heart disease and I went to the doctor with my father. And when we returned from the doctor's chamber, I was really afraid. My physical condition was bad. You can imagine the situation of a 16 years-old boy who is suffering heart disease. I was really afraid thinking about death.

But one day in the afternoon, I went to my neighbor's house without any reason, because our relation was truly good. They are truly good and are Christian. In their home, I found a book named 'THE LOVE REVOLUTION' (Bengali version) by Joyce Meyer. I thought, What is this book about? I just opened the middle page of the book and started reading one line. I came to know that it was talking about forgiveness. I was interested. I asked them to lend me the book for three days. They said 'ok'.

I brought the book home and started reading. When I finished reading, I realize it was telling about Jesus. Who is Jesus? To know the answer I started going my neighbor's house and started reading other books. Finally I found the book I was looking for: The New Testament. When I read that book, I felt well. I felt a deep true peace. Even whenever I put that book upon my heart, I felt well. By that time I was getting healed. By that time I knew Jesus and asked Him to be my Saviour.

Now I'm living with Jesus. I pray to Him to guide me in life. I thank God for bringing me back to Him.

—Tapan - age 18, 12th grade

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