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Blimey Cow

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Blimey Cow

Blimey Cow is a comedy channel run by brothers Josh and Jordan Taylor, a couple of homeschooled Christian guys from Nashville, TN. Every week since 2011, they have released a new “Messy Mondays” video that covers topics ranging from list countdowns to satirical commentaries on life, social media, and dating to giving lessons on treating people right, all with a uniquely Christian perspective on their subject matter. They are completely “homegrown,” bringing in the assistance of friends and family as cast members for various roles.

After an initial success with minor hits such as “The One About Mission Trips”, “3 Types of Churches”, “10 Ways to Get a Girl to Like You”, and “The Truth About Youth Group,” Blimey Cow had a surprising explosion in popularity with “Seven Lies About Homeschoolers” in January 2012. The video, which made light of homeschool cliches, went viral, receiving over one million views in under a week. [source] The channel also features a Q & A show called “Jordan’s Messyges” and their very funny mock reality show “Brother Brother Time.”


Blimey Cow’s charm lies in its ability to communicate truths about life, God, and the world through a sheen of sharp-witted, tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Their videos are 100% clean and family friendly as the creators stand by strong moral standards and values—a rarity among your average YouTubers.

I’d highly recommend Blimey Cow for all ages. Their videos are not only fun to watch but will occasionally prompt deeper thoughts on spiritual issues for the believer.


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