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Feed (Newsflesh series #1) by Mira Grant

Feed by Mira Grant - Book Review
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Feed (Newsflesh series #1) by Mira Grant

Feed (published in 2010) by Mira Grant is a dystopian political zombie thriller set against the backdrop of a national political campaign. The story is told through blog posts and journal entries written by “newsie” Georgia Mason and her brother, an adventure-seeking “Irwin” reporter, Shaun Mason.

I love a good zombie story. I’m not exactly sure why, but there it is. I also really love to see different twists on telling zombie stories. Feed takes place 26 years following the initial outbreak of the zombie virus, which is referred to as “The Rising.” The virus came about from two medical miracles: the cure for the common cold and the cure for cancer. Unfortunately, they found that when these two antidotes came together, they formed a new virus called Kellis-Amberlee. Kellis-Amberlee is normally beneficial, for cancer and the common cold are a thing of the past for all humankind, but physical death causes the virus to “go live” or “amplify”, converting any host mammal over 40 pounds into the hungry, walking dead.

What’s different about this world versus most zombie scenarios is that the people in this world actually have seen zombie movies. In fact, George Romero (real life creator of the “Night of the Living Dead” movies) is revered as one who warned the world of things to come. They are smart about taking precautions against infection by using blood testing kits, and they have found a way to survive and continue relatively normal life despite the existence of zombies wandering the land. Usually zombie stories focus on the initial outbreak—not how the world found its new “normal” decades later.

Whether or not a Christian should be reading stories about zombies is a matter of personal conviction. There is nothing wrong with entering a fictional world with monsters so long as it does not affect your personal faith in God. Feed, in fact, raises many questions about God as Georgia Mason and other characters struggle with the existence of the evils that come from both the zombies and the hearts of the uninfected who would still choose to hurt healthy people in a world where so much is stacked against the human race.

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