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The 412teens Video Feed

If you learn better by watching (or maybe you just don't like reading), then 412teens has some video content for you! You can find new videos posted to our YouTube channel and blog, but we'll compile them here too so you can find them easier. Wasn't that nice of us?

RQRQ #18: Quiet Time, Dating Non-Christians, Pranks

"Real Questions. Real Quick." Series

412teens.org presents: Real Questions. Real Quick. Where we answer real questions from real people—real quick! Submit YOUR questions HERE, and let us know if you'd like it to be featured in an upcoming video.

"412teens Talks" Series

Chris and Melissa talk about staying healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in a crazy world filled with challenges to our faith.

"How to Faith" Series

We talk about what it means to be a Christian, how to live your life as a Christian teen, and other important stuff.

Melinda's 412teens Vlogs

Our 412teens sometimes-vlogger Melinda talks about faith, life, and everything else.

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