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M's Story

I gave my life to Christ when I was 12 while overcoming a health issue. Sometime after I became a Christian, I began to have some worries and doubts about my salvation. I didn’t just have worries about that but worries about life. I had been underweight for my age, but I was getting better. Still, I worried. Thankfully, I had a good-hearted Christian mother who was by my side and was a good helper.

During most of my middle school years, my classmates always made fun of me for being underweight. Some people will always try to find a way to make fun of you or criticize you. I went to my teachers and principals, but nothing was really done to solve it. I felt insecure at times. Even some of my family members would criticize me about me being underweight for my age. Of course, they don’t think that now (since I'm older and got taller). But my biggest problem was that I had to deal with was someone’s criticism toward me and things about me.

Even when as a freshman in high school, I dealt with feelings of being inadequate. I think the best thing for any person to do is to realize who they are in Christ. If you know the truth, the truth will set you free (John 8:32)!

I’ve been a Christian for the past three years, but I still needed to understand what that meant for my life. I needed to set my focus on what is true and right. I was a Christian, but I still needed to assess what and Who I was working with. What does my faith mean, and how does Jesus become a reality in my life?

Even though I knew I was saved, I needed to understand what I have been given. I needed to make my Christianity become my reality. I had to make God the Lord of my life. I had to take time to meditate on what I had in Christ and what was truth. I learned that “all things work together for my good” and “the Lord is my Shepherd.” When I started applying theses biblical principles to my life, things began to be clear. I could walk around the house and shout, “The Lord is my Savior,” but I needed to really understand what it meant for me as Christian and what it meant for my life.

When the coronavirus came, I found myself growing closer to God. I realized that I shouldn’t take life for granted. I needed to humble myself. Humbling yourself doesn’t mean to hang your head low, but that means you realize that you’re not everything you presume yourself to be. Instead, you realize you are a child of God.

I also recognized that I needed to stop some habits: like judging, cussing, overthinking, being inpatient, etc. I think you can get the picture. Of course, sin is still in my life and will always be, but I have Jesus. What does that mean? I’m no longer a slave to sin.

Thanks be to Jesus! Jesus will always love you, and He will forgive you. He is Lord over life and death. If you haven’t given your life to Him today, please consider it. He will turn your life around for the better! I recommend this article on GotQuestions: What is the way of salvation?

—M - age 15, 10th grade

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