Did the miracles in the Bible really happen?

Do you believe in miracles? What about the miracles in the Bible? Do you believe the Israelites crossed the Red Sea? That Jesus turned water into wine? Or that He fed five thousand people with a little boy's lunch? These are just a few of the miracles recorded in the Bible, but did they really happen?

YES. Every single miracle recorded in the Bible is legit. The Bible is 100% true and nothing in it is made up—including the miracles.

Old Testament Miracles

The first miracle recorded in the Bible occurred at Creation when God spoke the world into being out of nothing (Genesis 1:1-2:3). Yes, God created everything out of nothing—ex nihilo. God's creation of the universe is an amazing miracle that God did by His mighty power, knowledge, and wisdom. No one else has the power to create from nothing or speak a whole world into being with a few words. Proof of Creation is everywhere—the stars, moon, sun, planets, animals, plants, ocean, and humankind (Psalm 19:1-4; Romans 1:20).

The Old Testament records many of God's miracles, including the ten plagues on Egypt: water turning to blood; the plagues of frogs, gnats, flies, death of the livestock, boils, hail, locusts; three days of unnatural darkness; and the death of the firstborn boys (Exodus 7-12). All these miraculous horrors actually happened. If they didn’t, why would Pharaoh have let the Israelites go (Exodus 13:17)?

Everything's Connected

If we say that the death of the firstborn boys didn't happen, then we would have to say that the Israelites did not put blood on their doors to ensure that their firstborn boys would be kept safe. To believe this would cause the crucifixion of Jesus to be placed under question since the placing of blood on the doors was a foreshadowing of Jesus’ blood being shed on the cross for the sins of the world. If we discount one miracle, then the entire Bible comes into question.

The crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 14) is a miracle that many claim is symbolic, yet this was a real, historical event. God really DID part the Red Sea and lead the Israelites through on dry ground. Throughout the Old Testament, we find reminders of past miracles, which verifies their truth and place in history.

God reminds the Israelites how He freed them from their slavery in Egypt and the other miracles He performed among them (Psalm 78). God’s miracles didn't go without notice. Pharaoh's magicians could not get their idol gods to do the miracles they had seen the Israelites' God perform, proving that the God of Israel was the only true God (Exodus 8:18-19). Pagan nations heard of God’s mighty miracles, and they recognized the reality of them.

Jesus' Miracles

Jesus performed many miracles in the New Testament, and all of them really happened. His miracles proved He is God. No mere man could perform real miracles, as many witnesses are reported as saying. People placed their faith in Jesus as the Christ because they saw His miracles (John 2:23). We're only going to go through some highlights here, but you can read through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John for a full account of what's recorded in the Bible.

Jesus' first recorded miracle was when He turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana (John 2:1-10). And not just any wine either; it was the good stuff (v. 10)!

Jesus also performed the fantastic miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead after he'd been buried for four days (John 11)! Hold the phone. Jesus raised a man from the dead? Yes! And we're not talking about a zombie either; Lazarus went on to live a full and natural life.

Jesus also stilled the roaring waters when the disciples thought they were going to drown (Mark 4:35-41). He walked on water (Matthew 14:22-33). He created enough food to feed thousands of people using just two fish and five loaves of bread. He healed people with incurable diseases and caused the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the mute to speak (Matthew 14:13-20; Mark 1:40-42; Mark 7:31-37; John 9; Luke 11:14).

Jesus' greatest miracle of all was bringing Himself back to life after His brutal murder on a cross (Luke 24:1-8). Jesus was seen by His disciples and hundreds of people after His resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:6). How could there be so many witnesses if He didn't actually rise from the dead?

The Purpose of Miracles

The purpose of miracles is to show that God is who He says He is. The Bible is the very word of God, and God does not lie. When we read about God's miracles, we can be assured they are 100% accurate and true.

Jesus performed miracles in the New Testament to prove He is God. Throughout the Bible, God displays His miracles to show all people that He is our amazing, mighty, powerful God. He is the one and only true God; there is no other (Isaiah 45:5). His miracles show us He has everything under His control and that we can fully trust Him.

If we doubt the miracles performed in the Bible actually happened, we're playing into Satan’s lies (1 Peter 5:8). If we doubt the miracles, then we may begin to doubt the entire Bible—putting our faith in jeopardy. This is exactly what Satan wants us to do! But as believers, we don’t have to listen to his lies. The Bible is 100% true—including the miracles.



The miracles in the Bible did really happen. From God's magnificent Creation of all things to Jesus bringing Himself back to life, we can be assured everything actually happened. Proof of God's miracles are not only confirmed in the Bible, but they're visible all around us and throughout history. People placed faith in Jesus because they witnessed His miracles (John 2:23). When we doubt God’s Word, we play into to Satan’s lies (1 Peter 5:8). But as believers, we don’t have to listen to his lies. The Bible is 100% true—including the miracles.

Writer: Vivian Bricker

Vivian loves learning, studying the Word of God, and helping others in their walk with Christ. She is dedicated to helping people learn more about Jesus and is ready to help in any way she can. Her favorite things to do are spending time with her family and friends, cooking, drawing, and spending time outside. When she is not writing, you can find her soaking up the sunshine or going on an adventure.

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