How to Thrive in a Pandemic

[First Posted: May 2020]

It's May 2020...there's this thing that's been going on...we'll just call it JEFF. Jeff has been affecting a lot of people—192 countries as of this recording—and although that is impressive, it’s also quite rude.

Everything going on with Jeff right now has us asking the question of how to thrive in a crisis. We've all been going through weird times. And everyone's processing the lockdown differently. Everyone's journey is unique. We’re having to figure out what normal life looks like while Jeff is running rampant in the lives of literally every person on this planet. Each day might be blurring into the next. And oddly enough, that can lead to a strange and frustrating boredom.

We know it can be a bummer not having a lot of things to do because Jeff is having his worldwide tantrum right now, so check out the video above for some things to do until Jeff finally decides it’s naptime. Hopefully you can get some ideas to shake up whatever is your new normal during these weird times.

412teens is posting regularly throughout the 2020 pandemic to give you things to do, things to hope for, and ways to make each day better. You can find all of them at

p.s. Apologies to anyone named "Jeff." LOL


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