Where are your teen suicide prevention resources?

TW: Suicide, Abuse, Mental Health Disorders, Depression, Self-Harm

What does the Bible say about suicide? Will a Christian who dies by suicide go to Heaven? How do I cope with the loss of a loved one to suicide? These questions and many more are answered in our faith-based suicide prevention resources below.

Suicide prevention is one of the major goals we strive for at 412teens, so we've compiled all of our related articles here in one place and will add more as we write them.

If you're thinking about choosing suicide, PLEASE talk to a trusted friend, counselor, family member, or pastor RIGHT AWAY.

When life seriously hurts, a believer can turn to God for strength and peace. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can say a prayer and everything will be happy-go-lucky. You and I both know that it doesn't always work that way. But God is stronger than we are, and He knows how things will turn out on the other side of this.

For Bible references in this video, check the description on YouTube.

The Ones About Suicide

Find help from others who can encourage and support you. You may feel like no one cares, but there IS someone who does. Pray for God to bring that person to you.

Christ came to offer eternal life in Heaven (John 3:16) as well as abundant life on Earth (John 10:10). We must faithfully trust in Him and follow Him, allowing God to determine how many days we have left to live.

Suicide Prevention: Seek Help Now

Talk to Someone Now

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